Thursday, October 11, 2012

Learning Goals Samples Part 4

More learning goals examples - this is a hall display near the Grade 1-2 class. It accompanies the language and art work they posted after their trip to Downsview Park.

Here's another listening-related learning goal - this is in a Grade 6 class, if I remember correctly. I like the little symbols drawn next to the words.

Here's ANOTHER couple of learning goals and success criteria (notice they don't always have to be labelled "Learning Goal" and "Success Criteria"). This comes from a kindergarten class. The left side is about listening and the right side is about tidying. Once again, there are little drawings to help with comprehension.

This is one that I worked on in a dance-drama class for Grade 1-2s. I respected the ideas the kids brought forth - for instance, I felt that changing pitch, volume, and speed are all elements of how to make your character's voice different from your original voice. It's also missing something that it's hard to capture. We have done several different tasks and referred back to this chart. During one class where my intent was to provide detailed descriptive feedback, the students had to converse with me as if they were a toy I placed in their laps and we sat right in front of the anchor chart while doing it. When the students wrote 3 clues for their "Who Am I" task and then we recorded them reading it in their character's voice, we picked some of the best ones and justified our opinions by using the chart.

Here's a sample from an intermediate classroom, on accountable talk. I was delighted to see this because it tied so nicely with my Grade 7-8 inquiry question: what is success and how can I attain it?

People have posted a couple of new learning goals so I'll have enough for a final installment of "learning goal samples". Don't get too accustomed to daily Monday Molly Musings, okay?

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