Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More Than Silver Stars - People of ECOO 2013 Part 2

I hope no one thought I was gamifying or creating a hierarchy of friends in yesterday's posts. ("Hey, I'm just a silver star friend? Why not gold? What does it take to make it plantinum?") Casual friends can become good friends or just acquaintances, and that's okay. All of the people I interacted with at ECOO are of great worth. I'll ditch the Silver-Gold poem and instead use some different categories to celebrate some of the wonderful people I saw at ECOO.

People I First Met at Previous ECOO Conferences That I Continue to Learn From
Brian Smith

Brian Smith


Still learning, one char at a time. Also a new Dad. Please excuse the Flickr spam :).
Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario CA

I first met Brian Smith at ECOO in 2011. Brian impressed me then with his sense of humour, and taught me about Korean BBQ, especially Chako. I still continue to learn from Brian through Twitter. If I want to hear about the latest or greatest board game, I can turn to Brian. His board has finally given him a permanent contract, thank heavens! We didn't get to talk too much in person at ECOO 2013, but he made a point to stop by the Minecraft room to say hello just before he went off to explore night time photography. 

David Hann

David Hann


Teacher & Life-Long Learner, Thinker, Philosopher, Tinkerer, Builder, Maker, Explorer... Believer, Parent and Husband! :) Tweets (and opinions) are my own!
Toronto ·

David was also a great "ECOO 2011 find" for me. Despite being in the same board, we just haven't had the chance to get together when we are not at ECOO. This year, as I was searching for people and things to prepare for our Minecraft evening soiree, David called me over. Once again, thanks to Twitter, I've been able to keep up with his school adventures, but it's one thing to hear about using a 3D printer and another to see the ECOO log recreated in plastic in your hand. David is personable and enthusiastic. Everyone wanted a piece of him at ECOO, from student radio interviewers to runners.  David's schedule this year at school is a bit crazy but somehow, he's making it work and doing amazing things. 

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  1. They do say that laughter is the best medicine. :) The support you have given me over the last few years is immeasurable, even though we only see each other once a year! I'll keep up the laughter, as long as you keep up the minecraft ;)