Monday, August 4, 2014

The 1st Half of LMM14 - A Photo Essay

Here it is, August, and I'm still gushing about my summer school experience, known as both #lmmss3 or LMM14 in my files. To give you an idea of all the entertaining and educational things that happened, here is a photo essay of the first nine days of summer school (from Wednesday, July 2 - Monday, July 14). So many things occurred that I can't fit all the photos into one post! These are just the photos that don't show student faces - double or triple this figure, because I took at least 20 photos a day while at summer school! Some of these you may have seen on Twitter - forgive the repeats!

Day 1 = A shot of the Supply Zone before it was used.

Day 1 = One of the bulletin boards (the only finished one).

Day 1 = The Build Zone was used right away to make horses.
Day 2 = Minecraft-inspired link cube artifact

Day 2 = Students active in the Build Zone

Day 2 = Minecraft Rules linked to Tribes Agreements
Day 3 = Using the Organization Chart to track finished work

Day 3 = It's an Ender Dragon in the class!
Day 4 = A Minecraft build in progress

Day 4 = A link-cube Enderman

Day 4 = Posting their work - literally!
Day 5 = This student took this home daily to create
Day 6 = You can even wear what you make, like Creeper Heads.
Day 7 = Preparing for the Battle Tournament

Day 7 = Our rules and schedule for the next day's event

Day 7 = A student organized the snack bin collection for the class.
Day 8 = Our Minecraft Tool trophy

Day 8 = Student presentations of Minecraft Houses

Day 8 = One student creation

Day 8 = Another student build

Day 8 = A unique structure
Day 9 = Planning Minecraft Bridges

Day 9 = Playing Crossing the Burble Swamp

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