Monday, March 16, 2015

Hoza for March Break

On the day before March Break, our school had a presentation by Derek and Amadou from Hoza! Hoza, we were told, is an African word used often during dance performances around Burkino Faso, meaning to stop, start, or change. (I tried to research this to learn exactly what African language uses the word "hoza", but the Internet was not helpful and rather rude when I investigated.) The theme of Hoza's presentation was "Growing Canada". According to their website,, in this program:
Students explore why diversity and inclusion are important values to Canada.  Participatory music, story and multi-media provide an engaging examination of: Canada’s role in the world, the Seven Teachings of the Anishinaabe people, and the important role that we each play in a Growing Canada.
 I hope that the excellent message of embracing diversity and embodying humility and teamwork did not go over the heads of the young listeners. I realize that they might have been more enchanted with the chance to play drums or vote on the staff dance competition than they were to internalize some lessons, especially with the vacation looming.

Hoza's message unintentionally fit with my March Break plans. I need to ...

Hoza - Stop!

I need to stop worrying about my upcoming TPA in early April, the final assignments for my Mentor AQ course, or the massive culminating tasks facing me and my primary division media students during the last days of March which have me both excited and terrified (the grand opening of our restaurants!) I'll have time during the week off to finalize plans, but fretting about how well events will proceed isn't important to this process.

Hoza - Start!

I need to start some projects, like the school yearbook and some award nomination packages. My to-do list for the week's holiday is rather large and I should start attacking them with vigor so that I feel like I have accomplished something.

Hoza - Change!

Yes, my to-do list needs addressing, but I've got to change this hectic pace, and slow things down. January to March is usually the "dead time" of year, but not in 2015. I have to change what projects I accept and change my attitude so that the cynic lies low and the optimist with the growth mindset takes centre stage. I've got to spend quality time with my husband and kids, and I think March Break will be a good time to change.

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