Monday, February 13, 2017

Be Like Doug

Last week, the incredible Doug Peterson, retired but active and connected educator, aka @dougpete on Twitter, launched another edition of his interview series on his blog. This time, I was the subject.

You can read the interview here.

I was really honoured to be featured by Doug. One of the things I tried to do (other than make it interesting to read with "exclusive content" like that old honeymoon photo) was mention as many wonderful fellow educators as I could. It wasn't name-dropping - it was an attempt to "pay it forward". Doug does a phenomenal job of profiling, promoting, and publicizing the good things happening in Ontario schools and classrooms. He shouldn't be the only one.

One of the lead-ins Doug set up was a chance to give a shout-out to the wonderful folks I know from his former board, the Greater Essex County District School Board. The pseudo-question (because he didn't actually ask anything) led to some inspiration - occasionally I should write a "Salute to my Colleagues from School Board X" on this blog. There is a fear that I'll leave someone out but if I'm methodical about organizing the post, it shouldn't be a problem (and blog posts can always be edited to add more information).

I've done something similar with my #lmmss Summer School staff, with members of the ultra-secret TTLTT PLN and with some individual teachers in my "regular" school like Kerri Commisso, Lisa Daley and Jennifer Cadavez and Thess Isidro. Everyone can use a little acknowledgement or boost now and then. Often, we are shocked and surprised that anyone would consider their work worthy of mention - I know I heard this sentiment from my colleague and friend Farah Wadia; several of us collaborated to nominate her for a major teaching award. (I really hope she wins!) Sometimes we need someone to point out the positive, especially because we can be our harshest critics.

So my advice for today's blog post is to be like Doug. Play the role of cheerleader, and highlight the amazing people you know. It may make someone's day.

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