Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 15 - So much to say, so little (screen) time

Last Sunday, Global TV aired a segment about education uses of technological innovations.

I don't like watching myself on TV, but it was a good opportunity to talk with the students, especially the students involved, about how media is created. As the grade 3s noted, the film crew spent the entire morning taping at our school. The team had 3 hours of footage just from our school alone, and the video seen on the news was less than 5 minutes long. The students did a good job of identifying the audience for the video, the main message it wanted to impart, and the reasons why some people were shown more than others. I was fascinated to see that an answer I had given to an unaired question became the closing remarks of the reporter. I'm glad they thought enough of the explanation to include it! This was a neat chance to feature the school library as part of 21st century learning (I ensured that we filmed in both the main lab and in the library's mini-lab). Thank you Global TV!

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