Monday, May 21, 2012

#MLC12 in Photos

I'm back from Winnipeg and the Manitoba Library Association conference (hashtag #mlc12 on Twitter, for the actual website) and there are so many ideas springing from the conference that I could write about ... Dr. Michael Geist's opening keynote on copyright ... the similarities and differences between the two provinces and how we might work closer together ... Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes' intelligently funny talks on graphic novels and Unshelved ... Jo-Anne Gibson's intriguing session on censorship, book banning, and the freedom to read and how I might adapt her unit to my school ... but I only have two weeks from today to finish creating our school yearbook and the deadline looms like a storm cloud, blotting out thoughts of lengthy blog posts. I thought I'd share a few photos I took during the conference, just to give you a glimpse. I have to give credit to the organizers - everything was very smooth and it was absolutely LOVELY to have wi-fi Internet access for my presentations.

For my session on "Web Wonders", I dressed like a wizard.
Teams sorted Web 2.0 tools into categories of familiarity.
A partial view of the audience for the afternoon talk - 60 people!
Jo-Anne & her "banned books" collection.
(L-R) Bill Barnes, me, Gene Ambaum (
I did get a chance to see a bit of Winnipeg, like Oodena @ The Forks.

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