Friday, November 1, 2013

My Photos from ECOO 2013

David shows me some of his 3D printing results

Jody found her first horse on Minecraft on Thurs. night!

One view of our room as folks talked and tinkered.

This is Jen's first Minecraft house, made at the LAN party!

Our welcome sign

Denise enjoys a breakfast buffet with a view of the Falls!
Part of our audience for our Friday afternoon session.


  1. I wouldn't make any money as a hand model I think!!! (Though I'm always told I'm a good Hann model! :) Those jokes just seem to hang around)

    I'm holding an unfinished project to show the 10% honeycomb infill. Below (in black) is my son's boat that we designed together to learn about design (and patterns). To the left, in red, is a circle design made by one of my grade 8 Autistic students last year! And then in the background in green you can just make out the 3D printed ECOO logo.

  2. That's a good audience for your session, Diana. Ever thought you'd do a computer presentation in a theatre?