Monday, June 30, 2014

The Most Popular Tweet

Last week, one of my tweets received a flurry of retweets and favourites. What topic could possibly elicit such interest? Food.

I chatted with my brother (who is on Twitter himself) and my sister (who isn't on Twitter but is visiting from Calgary for the Canada Day long weekend) about the potential reasons and he suggested that cute or attractive visuals often prompt people to share. Case in point: my brother gets quite a few reactions when he posts photos of the family dog, Moshi.

Are we flighty and superficial, ignoring pressing current events to "like" trivial things? I'd like to think that sometimes, we just need something (often a picture) to make us marvel or coo. Educators need to remember that, and share a cute picture with a parent of their child doing something sweet, or an awesome piece of artwork created by a talented student, so we can marvel or coo too.

(By the way, if you want the phone number or email of that amazing parent baker, send me a private message and I will share. She gave us a great deal and we were really pleased with the results.)

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