Monday, August 11, 2014

The 2nd Half of LMM14 - A Photo Essay

My students learned the word "paparazzi" in summer school. Hopefully I was not as annoying as a mosquito while taking these photos, but I believe that it demonstrated how important their achievements were, that I was so eager to capture all these moments. Here are the last nine days of summer school 2014, from Tuesday, July 15 to Friday, July 25.

Day 10 = A small group had a division tutorial on the IWB.

Day 10 = We had more Minecraft House presentations.

Day 10 = An aerial view of one of the student builds.

Day 10 = A glass house in a lake full of pigs!
Day 11 = A student tower. Tall, yes. Stable, no.

Day 11 = More Minecraft House presentations

Day 11 = Another virtual abode.

Day 11 = Unique materials for houses online.
Day 12 = All the plans and screenshots displayed here.

Day 12 = Student-controlled bulletin board
Day 13 = The collaborative Minecraft Bridge over lava.

Day 13 = Our bridge plans displayed proudly in the hall.
Day 14 = Baking cakes involve a lot of math!

Day 14 = Cube-shaped decorations for the cake.

Day 14 = Our Minecraft cakes, with a pickaxe and Enderman.

Day 15 = Miss Colby's class shared their Grade 6-7 Minecraft Projects.

Day 15 = Our Grade 3s presented their Minecraft Bridges to Miss Colby's group
Day 15 = Their lava bridges included track!
Day 16 = The students are still keeping organized!

Day 16 = Ms. Allan's Grade 6s in Lucy Maud made robots! We visited.

Day 16 = Love the camraderie between Lucy Maud & Crescent Town.

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