Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ECOO 2014 Photos & Personal Development

I really like how Melissa Jensen used photos and Brian Smith used videos to document their learning at the annual ECOO conference in Niagara Falls. I wanted to share my own photos here as well as a different angle to my reflections. Yesterday was a snapshot of my professional development at the conference. Today, after the photos, I'll share my personal development.

David Hann & Brian Smith - thoughtful guys!

Ray Mercer at his talk about FDK e-portfolios
Denise, Liam, & me at our session (thanks Jen for taking the picture)
Andy at the Minecraft Party

The Survival Land subway
Scott and Dustin play
Liam, Diana, David, Michelle, Jacqui, Denise, Chris, Andrew
Jen (2nd from right) & members of her board

Personal Development at #BIT14

Some of these conversations were private, but I wanted to credit some special individuals for making me think and grow as a person.

Jen Apgar (@JenApgar on Twitter)

It's hard to believe I just met Jen last year at ECOO. She has become an important member of the GamingEdus group and is absolutely wonderful to talk to. Not only did she challenge me to articulate my professional thoughts (e.g. gamification vs games based learning is analogous to sewn on top vs embedded/woven within) but she got me to examine my own preconceived notions. We were talking about reluctant teachers at about 1:00 in the morning, and I muttered "don't water the rocks".
"Would you say that about your students?" she replied.
"No, of course not" I answered.
"So why is it okay to say or think this about a teacher but not a student?"
Busted. Caught in my fixed mindset, I vowed to try and change my attitude. Thanks Jen.

David Hann (@TeacherHann on Twitter)

It was David that convinced me to attend the Toronto MakerFaire instead of the TDSB Google Camp. (Sorry Andrew and Julie!) David had some words of wisdom for me about typecasting, "being known", and keeping energy alive.

Lisa Noble (@nobleknits2 on Twitter)

I was so delighted to meet Lisa face to face for the first time at #bit14. We "met" on Twitter, collaborated on a Tumblr inquiry, and referred to each other in blog posts. Lisa and I talked at length during the Minecraft Party about career choices, religion, vocations, and identity. I need to see this person again and not just to get her tasty cookies.

Alanna King (@banana29 on Twitter)

The connection I have with Alanna is evident by the way we interact. We are constantly hugging, patting shoulders, and grasping hands. I was so grateful to squeeze some time in with Alanna on Friday. We talked about our children, and taking on roles and accepting our limits.

Denise Colby (@Niecsa on Twitter)

If this was the Wizard of Oz, this would be the part where Dorothy addresses the Scarecrow. Denise and I have known each other a long time. We drove to Niagara and back together. We roomed together. We presented together. And we talked. Boy, did we talk! From the insights on gender while enjoying the circuit in the sauna and hot tub at the hotel, to topics of forgiveness, inclusion, and kindness, talking with Denise makes me a better person.

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