Monday, June 8, 2015

Unexpected Answers

This weekend (including Friday June 5, 2015, a Professional Activity Day) was devoted to Assessment and Evaluation. All that marking that I procrastinate on had to be addressed without delay. One of my big evaluation experiments this year was using Google Forms to collect data on the epic Restaurant Project. The wonderful and wise Neil Andersen helped me polish my questions and Francis Ngo provided much-needed technical assistance. I took a gamble on the last two questions of the survey, which students could choose to do online, in their notebooks, or as an interview. The questions were: What did you learn about media from doing this project? / What did you learn about yourself from doing this project? These were pretty open-ended and I didn't know what to expect. I wanted to share some of the answers. (I did not correct any spelling or grammatical errors.)

our uniform and the T-shirts were media and also the food.

That I can be a good waiter and it was very fun.

people like food because they liked our dessert

I like money you can earn money

I learned how to talk there orders .

That if you make a restaurant, you get hard work.

I found out when my mom was doing the restaurant, she burned her hand so parents might burn their hands too.

I can cook even i am a kid

I learned that a restaurant needs lots of patience.

That I'm a bit good at working with a partner doing the work.

i learn being greeter is not easy

media is evreywer

a restaurant is a big job

I learned about that restaurants always need much food

I like to work in a restaurant. I'm good at helping peoples that need help.

to not be afraid when you have to do something

Out side restaurant are different from our restaurant

I am good at making oatmeal cookies.

Our Grade 3 restaurant served spaghetti and meatballs

Our final restaurant from March 31 had active cooks

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