Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 3 - Reading Resolutions

So is every first-week post in the blogosphere about goals for the new year? Although I do have some creative and innovative bones in my body, those aren't the ones typing today's blog post, and so I consent to writing my "library reading and writing resolutions".

My personal reading resolutions are pretty basic. I tend to read a lot of paranormal romance. I won't stop reading them (after all, the third book by Maggie Stiefvater is coming out this year) but I will try to balance my indulgences a bit more by participating in the "Liturgy of the Hours" - a bit of religious reading.

My professional reading resolutions aren't epic either. I want to read as many of the Forest of Reading nominees as I can, and I've already read many of them. I need to re-read "The Big Think" by Loertscher, Koechlin and Zwaan because I don't think I understood it the first time through. I'll continue to read my Twitter feeds and any new links I acquire at the OLA's Superconference.

The professional writing goals may be a bit trickier to uphold. I'll continue to write for TingL and contribute to both this blog and Tinlids' blog. What I want to do is make more progress on my research paper on whether or not student reader choice award programs make a difference to student reading engagement. Because I am doing this paper of my own free will, and not as part of a course, I don't have the same pressure or deadlines to complete it, which is both good and bad. I also need to write a 200 word abstract for an anthology on comics in education by January 15. I'll have to squeeze in writing my library/ICT lesson plans in there too ;>

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