Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Learning Goals Samples Part 2

As promised, here are some more samples of learning goals and success criteria from the various classes in my school. Once again, I won't spend time critiquing them - instead, I'll describe the grade and context.

This is from a kindergarten class and, unlike the one I posted yesterday, I can read a few of the pixelated words. The title is "Readers Respect" and their goal is stated as "We are learning how to read." The lower right criteria says "I can look at the pictures and words." The lower left says "I can be gentle with the book ..." - okay, so much for being able to read my privacy-protected photo!

I admit, I still get retells and recounts mixed up in my head.
This is a recount writing goal in a Grade 1-2 class. The interesting thing is to compare this with the next two images, of a recount writing goal created by another class, and of a retell writing goal. The retell and recount learning goals with the coloured words are from a Grade 2-3 class, and the retell is from the same Grade 1-2 class that this recount came from.

Looks like I'll try to do five photos per day. More coming on Wednesday!

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