Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Learning Goals Samples Part 3

I didn't expect that I'd have three days worth of material to share on this topic, but learning goals and success criteria are very popular teaching strategies in Ontario right now. I hope these images help people see what real-life examples are like. They aren't perfect, because they are co-created by children and teachers, but I think they can show a variety of methods and presentation styles.

Our primary division teachers try very hard to teach similar units and use similar language, so a student in Grade 2 in Room 115 gets a similar educational experience to the Grade 2 student in either Room 116 or Room 117. On Monday I shared the art learning goal from a Grade 1-2 class. Here's one on the same topic of line art from the Grade 2-3 class.

 The primary division teachers noticed that our new Grade 1s sometimes have difficulties finding safe and fun activities to do at recess. (In kindergarten, their snack time is in the class and free time means there are bins of toys and centers to visit.) This is a social learning goal in Grade 1-2, with different options - don't worry, they don't have to complete them all in just one recess!
Here is a follow-up learning goal about recess conduct, complete with photos of the types of desirable behaviour.

Wow, all of my samples today come from the Grade 1-3 classes!
Here is another language-focused learning goal, a huge one for early writers. This is posted in a Grade 1-2 class. I'm sure the teacher has (or will) talk about alternatives to the period such as question marks or exclamation marks - and that's how success criteria can be modified as the students learn more.

Here's a retell learning goal mixed with art! The children read a version of "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" and used their art props to retell the narrative. This one has only two success criteria and has been modified by the red words "to a friend". There's no hard and fast rule about how many points need be in your success criteria - as long as it's not too many! More photos coming tomorrow!

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