Tuesday, August 31, 2010

April 26, 2010 - Full of GLEE at Working Together for Learning

Before my weekend was hijacked by a monstrous migraine that sent me to hospital (thank you medical staff, mom and dad, and Demerol!), I had a productive meeting with the editorial board of The Teaching Librarian. One of the main agenda items was about how to best support the new OSLA document (produced with financial support from the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat of Ontario's Ministry of Education), Together For Learning. The team came up with a great idea and their work reminded me a bit of my favorite TV show, Glee. No, no one has gotten another member of the team pregnant, a la Finn, Quinn and Puck. No, we didn't break out into song halfway through.

The cast of Glee is like the TingL editorial board because:
- despite coming from different backgrounds, they make good music together
- they are filled with quirky, funny characters that make me smile
- they still address what can be controversial subjects, but in a way that will make people ponder rather than take offense (we hope)
- it may look bumpy as we work on it, but by the end the way things harmonize wonderfully
Thank you Glee cast and the TingL editorial board. I look forward to seeing you more in the future.

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