Tuesday, August 31, 2010

June 7, 2010 - Now the Twittering's a melody

I just returned from a great few days at the Treasure Mountain Canada think tank for school libraries and the Canadian Library Association's annual conference in Edmonton. My brain is full to bursting with new contacts, new (and not so new) thoughts, and new plans. I have lots of suggestions for the next TMC retreat, scheduled for two years from now, but in the meantime, I need to digest what I heard and the conversations I had. Helping that process involved my relatively recently created Twitter account.

I made my Twitter account because a fellow teacher-librarian I admire uses hers as a personal learning network, to hear from experts in the field. What can you get out of 140 characters? Sometimes it's a quick quote you can dissect. Other times, it's a link to a good article. While at Treasure Mountain Canada, I Tweeted some of the sayings and ideas. When I used the hashtag #tmcanada, it linked to all sorts of other people posting about the same issue. I'm no Twitter expert, so I didn't have much experience using the hashtag. Compiled with other people posting on the same thing, the various tweets combined to make a very nice overview of some of the highlights. Imagine my surprise when I found people re-Tweeting some of my posts (it was a "they like it, they really like it" moments).

Now to download the photos, write a report for School Libraries in Canada, compile my own journal notes, and mark the piles I left behind.
By the way, to the spam bots that have recently begun to post "comments" to my blog that are really just ads for their silliness - my hashtag to you needs to be #cutitout!

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