Tuesday, August 31, 2010

April 27, 2009 - Picked and Picking

What a busy week! I am a member of the Red Maple Steering committee and part of my job is to find and select the students who will participate in the awards ceremony for the Festival of Reading at Harbourfront. We've received many submissions (although we need more - there are 40 spots to fill!) and I have to say I hope that the students get to read some of the glowing words that their teachers have written about them. It's very impressive and I hope that we won't have to turn anyone away.
My husband (a "pro blogger") interviewed someone who is heavily involved with ALA and their big "gaming in libraries" project. I'm very excited about some of the things they are doing. The interviewee was on the panel to choose grant recipients and she mentioned how incredibly hard it was to pick just a few from the many excellent proposals.
We nominated one of the teachers on our staff for a Premier Award for Teaching Excellence. He didn't win, but we still feel he's #1.
As the freebie today (try lining up a freebie with your thoughts for the day - not always easy!), please accept this media conventions lesson (helping to "sell that person or idea").

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