Tuesday, August 31, 2010

July 6, 2009 - Going to Library Camp

I'm getting ready for Library Camp. Nope, it's not the mosquito-avoiding type with tents and campfire singalongs. It's CampOTF, sponsored by the Ontario Teachers Federation. It will be August 5-7 at the University of Toronto. The organizers are using a wiki to set up the three days, (as well as a wiki for the participants - if you're enrolled and haven't heard anything yet, don't fret; I haven't sent out the information email yet) and it looks like it will be an entertaining and educational one. Heard of lightning talks? Unconferences? Those are just two of the methods that will be used to present great topics. We are lucky to have the incredible Carol Koechlin headlining day 2 of the camp - I learn things just being in the same room as Carol and breathing the same air. With planning the camp, finishing a paper for Graphic Novels in Libraries and Archives (thanks to my wonderful hubby for proofreading it and noting that I was missing a conclusion and a thesis!) and beginning my course in Educational Research (and it's great to reconnect with Sandra in BC as well as other TLs from across the country), it's been a busy summer so far huddled close to the phone and computer, but it'll be worth the work. (No attachments today - maybe another time!)

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