Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 21, 2009 - One Way Conversations

How is it nearing the end of September already? My apologies! School has been busy and not so - I'm caught up in adding my new acquisitions to the database (just in time to buy more with the recent Ministry grant to elementary school libraries in Ontario) and begun to weed again, an activity unheard of this early in the year for me.

I'm at home today working on a writing project. Preparing for the task today made me realize how much I like having someone to bounce ideas off or act as an audience. Talking to the ether without getting feedback means I might be missing the point. After chatting with a colleague last week, for instance, I've discovered that many people read this blog to see what Twilight-related adventures I've been up to. Who would have thought? Now that I know this, I can freely mention things like the plea from a group of students to reintroduce the Twilight Club at my school (which I didn't run last year because I was too busy and didn't want to look too obsessed - but I am seriously reconsidering because 1. if the students request it and even have ideas on how it should be run, it'd be empowering for them to take the lead, 2. the New Moon movie is coming out in November and you know I'd be discussing the similarities and differences with my colleagues anyway, so why not make it a sanctioned event, and 3. I am presenting on Twilight in the library at OLA's Superconference in 2010 so it'd help to have fresh material to share).

This need to have a conversation about writing has more academic applications as well. I have to thank LD for letting me call her and ask her all sorts of vague questions to help me formulate my thoughts. Thanks you!
Okay, time to write.

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