Tuesday, August 31, 2010

May 31, 2010 - And the twitchy one in the middle ...

I've been negligent in keeping up with my blog. Life's flashing by and other things (oh, like family) have taken priority over writing. I've also been busy, as the below link will hopefully show:


One thing I learned from this experience is that in real life, you try to make eye contact with everyone that you are speaking with, but on TV, it's only necessary to look at the host, otherwise you end up looking like you have ants in your pants. I hope the message came through - that it shouldn't be an either/or situation when it comes to computers/books, but opening school libraries up to many options.

Treasure Mountain Canada and the CLA conference is fast approaching. I hope to find time to ruminate here on what I learn. Happy trails everyone!

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