Tuesday, August 31, 2010

March 1, 2010 - Super Superconference!

Hello all. Sorry I didn't post last week. The combination of my literature review deadline and finishing my OLA presentations (in addition to security issues on this URL) prevented me from posting.
This weekend, I attended the Ontario Library Association's Superconference. It was great. I wrote a summary of the three days for my colleagues but I thought the file you'd be more interested in would be a piece of my presentation, "Twilight and the School Library".
First, a mini-rant. There are plenty of "If you liked Twilight, you should read ..." book lists out there, but they don't take into account the different ages that read Twilight. It's also just a list - no opinions, no alerts. My attachment here is a short list of recommended books with annotations for different age groups. I'll add to the list later on, but it's a good start. This list can also be found at the OLA website.
Now to re-creating the "back to school" mindset! Yikes!

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