Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 24, 2009 - Murder and other pre-September school preparation rituals

Today was the first day in a very long time that I entered my school library. I needed to spend some time away from the place, as much as I love being a teacher-librarian. Upon my return, I had to embark on a killing spree with my son. Before you report me to the OPP or RCMP, let me explain. My office was swarming with ants. Big, black ants. At first, I thought I'd just sweep them away with the broom I keep in my workspace. Turns out that there were just too many of them, and it didn't help that they crawled out of the garbage can to return to their home. I found out why they were so happy to be wandering in there - I had a bag of old Halloween candy stashed in my office that I totally forgot I had in there. (My garbage can hadn't been emptied since June either, which I'm sure didn't help matters.) So, I allowed my son to be an "ant bully" and stomp on any ants he found in the library. Now I know why a) they make rules about no food in the library (which I probably should extend to "no food in the library office"), and b) why my caretaking staff at school do not list me as one of their favourite teachers (it might also have to do with the time I drew on the carpet with chalk for a library activity, but that's another story).

Part of me wishes I had been more inspired to go to my library during July and August - think of all that quiet time to weed, to reorganize, to barcode, to mend books, and to do all those technical tasks that I never seem to have the time for during the school year. Then I look at what I was able to do during the summer - take my course, attend some workshops and conferences, read some good books, play with my children - and I realize that there will always be time for those chores during the year, as long as I make time for them.

One last event to attend before school starts. This weekend is Fan Expo Canada, and my daughter and I are going to check out the comics, anime and gaming panels and vendors. And yes, we'll be dressed up. I won't post any pictures here, but you can always check out www.hobbystar.com for generic photos of the event.

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