Tuesday, August 31, 2010

March 30, 2009 - Introduction

Hi everyone!
After much prompting, I have finally joined the Library Network Group and started a blog. Why did I drag my feet so much? Well, I honestly didn't think I had much to say. In the blogosphere, there are so many bright lights (Will Richardson, Joyce Valenza, and so on and so on) with brilliant ideas and insightful comments ... what on earth could I have to offer that would compare to them? I'm related to a well-renowned blogger in his area of expertise, and I see the care with which he crafts his posts, ponders his pontifical addresses (okay, they aren't necessarily pontifical, but I liked the alliteration). His advice to me on creating a blog was "maintain it" and "post regularly". Thus inspired the title of my blog: Monday Molly Musings (you can see the obsession with alliteration again). I promise to try and submit something every Monday. I can't promise you essays that will set your mind spinning, but what I do vow (once I figure out how to do this) is attach a "gift" every Monday - be it a graphic novel book review or a media literacy lesson plan, or a SmartBoard library page you can use. What I lack in depth of thought, I will make up for with freebies.
As for the moniker ... my students have made it a habit (or a sport) to Google me on a regular basis. I'll save my Internet privacy lecture for later, but let's just say I try to keep my online self distinct.
So, here I go, jumping into the fray. See you next Monday!

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