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May 25, 2009 - Dancing with Acronyms

Has it really been two weeks since my last post? Blogging has taken a back seat to all the other activities going on. If I could just hook up a USB cord to my brain, the thoughts of "what I would have written had I had the time" would be uploaded promptly.

Acronym #1 = TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival)
The festival was a huge success. Having it co-sponsored by the TPL (Toronto Public Library, for those who want me to clarify all the acronyms I'm spewing out) was a good move. The hail we had Saturday morning did not put a damper on the event. My daughter and I went on Sunday (yes, Mother's Day) and worked in the Kids area. Kudos to Naseem and Scott for their fantastic organization. There was so much to do and see, and it was all FREE! My girl (who I was going to get write up this part, but it's past midnight and she's in bed)loved listening to the guests they had, such as the French creator of the Sardine comics, the duo behind Ninja, Cowboy, Bear, and the author of Frankie Pickle. I wasn't able to see these artists because I was working at the electronic comic creator table, where kids could use Comic Life to create comics of their own. 15 comics were created in the span of one afternoon. I'll send the ones that don't feature actual children in them to Scott's blog for you to see (and to direct some online traffic his way). I'll post the URL later.

Acronym #2 = OLA FoR (Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading)
The Festival of Trees was held May 13 and 14 and it was awesome! I did a community circle with some grade 4 students from my school after to hear about their favourite parts. They loved all the crafts (e.g. making badges), all the displays (e.g. One Grain of Rice), all the games (e.g. mega-Jenga block building contest to win free books), all the celebrities (e.g. the authors and dancers and TV personalities). Check www.accessola.com for the list of winners.

Acronym #3 = CLA (Canadian Library Association)
The annual conference is this coming weekend and I will be speaking, albeit briefly, on graphic novels. This fits well, since earlier today I was interviewed for a roundtable discussion on elementary schools and their graphic novel collections, and last week I attended our GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Graphic Novel Book Club and Review Team meeting at Tinlids. I have a whole box of graphic novels to read and review before we meet again in September. It's so nice to be able to chat with other book lovers about what we've read. I'm also in the process of writing a paper on balancing popular titles with classic titles in elementary school graphic novel collections (due June 30).

Did I mention I still have report cards to write? Deep breath in, deep breath out, in, out ...

(oh, and I didn't forget - here are some graphic novel reviews from our recent meeting)

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