Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010 - A New Introduction

Greetings everyone!
This blog is actually a continuation of an old blog on a provider that just wasn't meeting my needs.
In 2009, I began my blog on the Library Network Group, as a way to support the endeavor of the creators to form an online, one-stop library community meeting space. My "Monday Molly Musings" was meant as a weekly glimpse into what I was doing professionally in my school library and in school libraries in general. I was surprised to discover that some people actually read the thing - nothing like my husband's 6 000 readers, but enough that meant I should continue. The only disappointing thing about it was the technical problems that started to crop up. When my last two posts disappeared into the ether for no apparent reason, I decided to transfer my posts onto blogger, a system I have used successfully with my students. I don't want to totally abandon LNG, but I suspect I may find a wider audience out here, and I think school library folks need to expand their horizons and talk to people other than ones interested in school libraries - they'll find that many people who never would have considered themselves "school library people" are part of the club. So, bear with me as I copy and paste all my past posts into this new spot. Enjoy!

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