Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 10, 2009 - May I be excused? My brain is full!

My apologies to the five people that occasionally read this blog. I've had such a full two weeks that I haven't updated the blog. Please allow me to "Twitter-size" my reflections on each of the incredible events I've attended.

Twi-Con: The organization left much to be desired with oodles of oppressively long lines and delays (they could learn a thing or two from OLA's Supercon, a well-oiled machine) but my priority for going was to meet my dear friends from across the continent and to present on Twilight and education, so it was a success. Check out www.teachingtwilight.wordpress.com for the results of the workshop. Twi-Con 2010 will be in Las Vegas AND Toronto. You know where I will be in 12 months' time!

Library Camp OTF 2009: Three days of incredible PD. The Lightning Talks, the EI on the Go presentation, Carol Koechlin's awesome day of questioning, the Unconference where Melissa, Pat and Margaret wowed us with their practical use of modern tools (these people MUST share their incredible examples to a wider audience because they are inspirational).

Meeting Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon came to town last night and I sat with 150 fans to ask questions and get books signed. She was bubbly and gracious, despite the hectic schedule she had. I only wish I had asked what her favourite charity was so I could give a donation as a way of saying thank you to her.

EDEL 567: Course is almost done. Reading on action research and mixed method design today. Once my capping paper is done, the M.Ed. will be in my grasp!

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