Tuesday, August 31, 2010

October 26, 2009 - By the numbers

My husband is a semi-professional blogger. He gets about 6000 unique hits a day - I forget exactly how many but he has the special "thing" that tracks the amount of visitors to the site, etc. I peeked at the # of reads I get on this blog and my highest views coincide with when I post free attachments (lesson plans, comic reviews, and so on). I guess I need to get back to sharin' the love (and the freebies!) Attached to today's post is a grade 4 media test I gave a group after a unit that explored models, comics, diagrams, lists and other media forms. There aren't a lot of ready-to-use media resources out there (not counting www.media-awareness.ca, which is a great site).
The more I've read and taught media, the more I realize that "hybrids" are the new reality, so being able to understand elements and how those borrowed elements enrich the product.

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