Tuesday, August 31, 2010

January 25, 2010 - Read like a maniac, research like a muse

My eyeballs feel like they are going to drop out of my head. My graphic novel club meeting is next week and the large box of books I borrowed in the spring of '09 hadn't been touched. I must return them next week, so I've been reading like a woman possessed. As of right now, I have 7 done with reviews written, 9 read but the reviews haven't been written yet, and 6 more to read. This doesn't count the 3 Keith Curry Lance studies I need to read in their entirety (no just reading the highlights, unfortunately), the Forest of Reading books my students want to chat with me about, and the PLC discussion books. Thank goodness I'm a speed reader. I promise to post the new reviews after I finish posting the old ones.

As for the researching, my old van, after 13 years of abuse at my hands, finally decided to croak last week. The engine block cracked (which I hear is pretty bad) and I had the task of finding a new vehicle. I don't like to shop, and shopping for something as expensive and important as a car had me stressed out. It was a week of authentic research as the family drove around to different dealerships and sales lots, gathered opinions from family and friends, and investigated different makes and models on the Internet. My son tried to sabotage the efforts by complaining loudly that he didn't want to go looking, then exclaiming in an equally loud voice at every single dealership we entered that he LOVED a particular van or SUV and didn't understand why we didn't buy it RIGHT NOW! (One salesperson said "I like you kid. You make my job easier.") We found a vehicle and thanks to extra research by my brother, found that the Internet price was cheaper than the in-person listed price, which was already a pretty good deal. We bought it for the Internet price and I pick it up tomorrow.

I have my teacher evaluation pre-conference this week, so I better stop typing and start resting. (Oh, and for those fans of weeding, I've made it to the M section of the fiction area. La lutte continue!)

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