Tuesday, August 31, 2010

November 2, 2009 - Kids Gone Wild (and not due to Halloween candy OD)

We had a great Halloween at our house - everyone in the family dressed up (even the usually reticent husband, who was absolutely adorable, imo) and we are swimming in candy here. Although I saw many vampires trick-or-treating, unfortunately none of them were sparkly. (I guess my big treat comes November 20 when New Moon is released in theatres - midnight showing anyone?) My students are buzzing and not just because of the new movie or the candy high (is there really a correlation or is that just a parent & teacher myth?).
I think I mentioned that my students are working on online comics (www.bitstripsforschools.com), blogs, and wikis this year. My students, in general, love to read but don't like writing. These venues provide authentic and (hopefully) innovative ways of communicating. I launched their use just a few weeks ago and activity on these virtual spaces have exploded. I can barely keep up and the nice thing is, I don't necessarily have to. The logs tell me who has been on and what they've been saying.
Attachment today? Hmm, either a book review or a lesson. (I had a great taped book club discussion with my junior and intermediate members of my graphic novel club, but that's another talk for another time.)

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